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#Time for Timber Tackles the Finance & Insurance Sectors


“Now is the time to invest in building in timber for the prosperity of the country and its residents, for employment, for the economy and ultimately for safeguarding the environment, today and tomorrow.”

May 2022 ITC SA White Paper from Sawmilling South Africa

The UK’s construction industry has launched a #Time for Timber campaign. It directly targets the financial and insurance sectors and accuses them of misconceptions about building with timber.

A White Paper says the construction industry has a tremendous opportunity to deliver on the climate change agenda. However, “certain parties” oppose timber’s suitability as a primary construction material and say it is a risk for insurers and finance houses. 

“Opponents point to the risk of fire; however, self-interest has caused some to ignore the body of evidence regarding the very predictable nature of timber and how it performs. Furthermore, they wilfully ignore the impact of good design, engineering, detailing, and construction.

“The construction industry must challenge opponents to timber. We must demonstrate that timber is a viable and sustainable long-term solution to the country’s environmental and housing crises. It is the primary building material that will help countries achieve their carbon net-zero ambitions by 2050.”

Source: ITC-SA

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